Create React App vs Gatsby vs Next.js

  • Next.js : Server Side Rendering
  • Create React App : Client side rendering
  • Gatsby : Static

Do you need good SEO?

NO > Create React App

This is good if users need to login before accessing your data, like dashboards


Does the data for your project update very frequently ?

NO > Gatsby

YES > Next.js

More questions to help to choose

Why not just use Next.js?

Next.js is more expensive to run as you need a server to do all the work. And more difficult to setup.

When to use next.js?

If you’re building Reddit, Twitter, Facebook

Why not just use Gatsby?

It’s about volume of data updates. If it’s every second, recreating your Gatsby structure every second is not viable. Every hour is fine.

When to use Gatsby?

Blog, ecommerce site, equivalent of anything wordpress

Why not just use Create React App?

Not great for SEO, but it’s best option for dashboards as it’s easier to setup than Next.

When to use Create React App?

Anything hidden behind a password.

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